To the Publisher:

I was very pleased to come across a January- March 2007 issues of Asian Dragon Magazine. Aside from the quality of printing, I’m very impressed by the high level of Chinese- English writings and the quality of translation thereof.

I presumed that some of your writers msy not be bilingual but their translations are very good indeed.

HUA EH (Chinoy) pen name for servant (tss8@yahoo.com)

Dear Maning and Joyce:

We were delighted to read the first issue of Asian Dragon Magazine. The publication of this Chinese-Filipino bilingual magazine is a pioneering endeavor that aptly documents the contributions to the nation building by the Chinese-Filipino community, and promotes deeper Chinese- Filipino ties.

Our congratulations to you both and your talentedchildren as well as the rest who contributed to the making of this truly novel publication of great quality.

ERNIE and ALICE PILARES, North East Greenhills Homeowners Association

Dear Ms. Limpe- Aw:

Allow me to express my deepest appreciation for featuring us in your June 2007 issue of Asian Dragon, It was my pleasure to entrust my story to your publication.

I only pray for the continuous success of Asian Dragon as you give many more outstanding Filipino- Chinese an avenue to express themselves and be better known.

Thank you once again.


Dear Olivia:

I am one of your readers. I don’t know you personally but I know that you are young, pretty and intelligent, a succesful businesswoman and an energetic writer.

I am a 60- year-old businessman in lumber and hardware retail. I have two sons, both graduates of the Ateneo De Naga University, who are helping me in the store. I also have a daughter who is a nursing graduate, but who is managing her own store.

I learned about Asian Dragon from one of your columnists, Mr. Chenglay Jr. I also read the Chinese Commercial News (where Mr. Chenglay also writes). Asian Dragon is very informative, inspiring and entertaining and I would like to congratulate you.

I am writing this letter because I have a suggestion. Your magazine featured the mayor of Dagupan. How about you also write about our Mayor of Naga City, Jesse M. Robredo. A Magsaysay Awardee, he is serving his fourth term as Mayor and is the youngest mayor ever in the Philippines.

You may come to Naga City and we will gladly welcome you. More power to you and your magazine.


From the Icalettes, the official school publication of Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhill’s, October 2007- January 2008 Issue.

Asian Dragon is a newly created magazine that centers on the lives of Chinese-Filipinos. It speaks of the relation that exists between the Chinese and Filipinos in the country. It also talks about the lives of overseas Chinese in other Asian countries and the brilliant ways they achieve success in business ventures.

The magazine also gives us a look into the lives of the unique customs and traditions of the Chinese. It also chronicles how they adapt to change and their efforts in establishing their business in different countries. It also shows us their strength of character and the compassion they show to the people in their community. With these accounts, we can see how the Chinese are able to maintain their being industrious and frugal no matter where they are. Aside from managing successful businesses, their great involvement in charity work and community affairs are also highlighted. These stories embody the greatness of the Chinese from the 5,000-year-old culture of their majestic country.

We think that this magazine will help the Chinese-Filipino youth here in the Philippines because it reflects the resilience of the overseas Chinese and how Chinese culture and traditions are preserved in the different parts of Asia.


Great shoot

I was flipping through your last issue (with Arthur Yap on the cover), and I came to a complete stop when I saw the sweet! Fashion spreads. I loved the contrast of couture gowns with the industrial sugar mill background. One would think it would be hard for the two to mesh, but it was shot with such a clear point of view, and that definitely came across with the wonderful photos. It was very Vogue-esque. A really great shoot!

I hope you continue to show fabulous fashion spreads in the coming issues.

TRACY NGO, via e-mail

Dear Olivia:

Congratulations on the launch of Asian Dragon Magazine. It is a welcome addition to the reading materials available to the businessman.

We have taken the liberty of reproducing and sending the subscription forms to our board of trustees and members. We hope that like us, they will find Asian Dragon Magazine worth reading.

MR. MELITO S. SALAZAR JR., President, Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

I’m a fan of the mag!


It’s amazing the way your magazine projects the Chinoys of the Philippines. A toast to the success of your magazine.


Dear Olivia:

I was delighted the first time I read Asian Dragon Magazine as it features varied interest from success stories to social and fashion events, especially among the Filipino- Chinese community. I am looking forward for the coming editions. Good luck and more power!

CARLITO GO, President, Citimart Group of Companies Batangas City

Asian Dragon Magazine  is a trendsetting informative reading material. It is alive, relevant and interesting. Keeps me awake and wishing for more.

FRANCISCO DEL ROSARIO, President/COO Roxas Holdings, Inc.

Congratulations to the publisher and editor of Asian Dragon Magazine. I believe this is a unique addition to a wonderful and well crafted magazine that not only caters to Chinoys but to a broadband of Filipinos who like to read a very wide variety of subjects from people, fashion, health, cars, gadgets, sports and many more.

Although it started with a specific flavor during its launching, with a handful of excellent writers, now it has plenty and well developed articles written by people who you could relate to or just someone next door! It gives the feel that the magasine sometimes is written by a group of friends, too! I subscribed to it the moment I got the first copy.. Keep it rolling guys...

LINDON SEEDIET, Past President Rotary Club of Dipolog

Dear Editor:

Thank you very much for your feature “Straight from a Gay Chinese Heart”. It painted a very accurate picture of me 20 years ago. I am a graduate of St. Jude Catholic School  and De La Salle University.

Nothing has changed in the way Chinese Families view their gay sons and daughters, and how Chinses culture play a big part in their lives. It is true that if you are a breadwinner, or made a success of yourself, they look the other way, as they did with me. This is sad as I think about those who tries but luck was not at their side. Will they be branded as the blacksheep or the            “ malas” in the family? I remember a movie starring Dindo Fernando. The trailer was a scene where one of the characters said: “ Malas and me bakla sa bahay.” That line hit me where it hurts and made me very afraid of being a gay. I remember my grandfather telling me on the eve of my departure for a vacation in Hong Kong. I asked him what pasalubong he wanted. His answer: bring me your girlfriend.

Obedient and respect are two very different virtues. You can have both. I am obedient, obedient to what I believe my life should be, and respectful of my elders and what they believe in. I am happy my life turned out the way it is and it was my choice, not my elder’s choice.

I am openly gay, but you wouldn’t know it if you see me. My family and friends know but we don’t talk about it. There are a couple of schoolmates who still make fun of me. It’s 2008, and I couldn’t care less. I won’t be living the life I have now had I stayed in Manila. One I worked hard for in terms of self empowerment, accepting my sexulaity and being not ashamed of it.

I feel that the current Chinese- Filipino generation is more accepting, if the way my friends accepted me is any indication. A good thing came out of my being openly gay: My mom and my aunt are more understanding of my lesbian sister and gay cousin.

More power to your magazine.

GERRY ANTHONY TAN, Los Angeles, California

Never a dull moment

There was never a dull moment when it comes to this magazine. Not only does it offers insights on successful personalities but it also covers a wide range of topics which caters to the modern me. Every issue has useful and interesting information which never fails to updateme on what new and what’s hot. Hat’s off to all the people behind this. A magazine I recommend to everyone.

JOHANN TAN, VP Finance, Paperland, Inc.

A great challenge

Allow me to congratulate you for your continuous successes. Being the first Chinese-Filipino business and lifestyle magazine is probably a great challenge, as all firsts are. I must commend you in conceptualizing it and working it into a reality. This is surely a great thing to have, it focuses on the issues that we, members of the Chinese- Filipino community, are highly involved in, and which ultimately becomes a tribute to our heritage. More power to Asian Dragon!

GWENDOLYN L. CU, Managing Director, Avenue Square Naga City

Asian Dragon is the magazine for the whole family. I read it from cover to cover.

LILY LIM CHUA, VP- Finance, Firewolf Motors

My letter to you encouraged me to write my experiences that hopefully eill be published in our batch’s (St. Jude Catholic School) 25th anniversary homecoming coffee- table book called Kaleidoscope this July. They have assigned Luis Katigbak to write with me my experiences. Thank you for starting the ball rolling for me.

GERRY ANTHONY TAN, Los Angeles California

Style and content

Greetings! I am a Chinese- Filipino and a graduate student of the Asian Center, University of the Philippines, where I am pursuing my MA in Asian Studies major in China.

I bought a copy of your latest issue, and thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the interviews and your articles on vegetarianism (because I’m a vegetarian). I see a lot of growth and improvement in Asian Dragon’s whole package, from the content to the style and photographs, since I started purchasing it a few issues ago. I just wished you came out on a monthly basis!

It was a pleasant surprise to find a superbly done magazine both in style and content, not to mention a deeply insightful magazine on the Chinese- Filipino community. I am excited to see how your magazine will evolve and bring its readers more suprises.

LINETTE CHUA, via e-mail

Model Magazine

Your magazine’s ability to put unknow and amateur models of all ages in every issue is truly worthy of a standing ovation. As one of your many avid readers, it is always a welcome surprise for me to find out who you are putting in front of the camera next. I am sure this “newly crowned” magazine modelsare enjoying their experience, just as much as we readers enjoy your magazine.

WILLIAM DEE, via e-mail