16th Issue • May-June 2010
Boracay Regency's Henry Chusuey

Tourism highlights and challenges for May-June

TOURISM is one of the Philippines' biggest moneymakers,thanks to our slew of tourist attractions, but the industry is not without its challenges and problems. This issue, we pay tribute to Henry Chusuey, the Boracay pioneer who built the island's first luxury hotel in 1993, who graces our cover.

Inside, other industry "optimists" like Bohol-based restaurateur and hotelier Hans Schoof, Marco Polo Davao's Carlos Dominguez III, young hotel scions Patrick Chan and Cecille Ang of Bellevue and Diamond Hotels resppectively, veteran hotelier Miguel de Cerqueda, and even surgeon to the stars Dr. Vicki Belo, who makes a push for medical tourism, sound off on why the Philippines should still be among Asia's top destinations.

Despite problems like the Philippines' underperforming airports, the growing hassle of airport security checks, and our dismal air travel industry, which we investigate in this issue's riveting feature on "The battered bird of Asia," tourists still come and have unforgettable experiences.

Thus, with what's left of summer, we visit Boracay and Bohol, learn to surf in San Juan, La Union, swim with the whale sharks in Sorsogon, take train rides through Europe, and even revisit old Manila, on our own and with Chinatown tour guide Ivan Mann Dy. We've also got suggestions on keeping safe on the road, avoiding illness while traveling, even what pasalubong to bring home from all over the Philippines.

So plan that last-minute vacation now, and take a copy of Asian Dragon along!

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