21st Issue • March-April 2011
Globe Telecom's Ernest Cu - Who dares, wins

Stories on change and leap of faith in Asian Dragon’s March-April 2011 issue

When the going gets tough, the tough must get tougher — this is the reality of the world today and Asian Dragon brings you stories about people who have fought the challenges of life and have succeeded. Globe Telecom president and CEO Ernest Cu, this issue’s cover, shares how unorthodox ways and following one’s gut have helped the company survive in a cutthroat industry. According to him, one has to have “that out-of-the-box analysis or risk-taking quality.”

Take a look at National Bureau of Investigation director Magtanggol Gatdula, who is resolute to defend the country in spite of the problems and issues he inherited. He shares his journey from being a cadet to being a director and how he brings integrity to his job and the organization. Travelers International president Kingson Sian also shares how defying the norms and taking risks were the best things to do even with the threats of an international financial crisis.

On the lighter side, the much awaited summer season is near! Learn about the latest and the hottest things this season. Asian Dragon has everything from makeup, beachwear, desserts, resorts, cars, and even retreat centers for those who want to enjoy their time in solitude.

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