44th Issue • January-Febuary 2015
Wopsy Zamora - Leading light

Food for thought in January-Febuary Asian Dragon

He built the biggest dance clubs of their time in the city.Today, Amando “Wopsy” Zamora has found a bright new niche setting up ingenious architectural, industrial, and entertainment lighting and audio systems.

Devoid of décor, his modest office is an unlikely home for the company that introduced laser lighting and dancing ledges in discos,electronic pyrotechnics in bars, and light-emitting diodes (LED) that intermittently changes the colors of the SM Makati façade, the scoreboard at the Mall of Asia Arena, and high-impact digital billboards.

From strobe lights and glitter balls on the dance floor,Amigo Entertainment Technologies Inc. has gone on to provide big companies with architectural, industrial, and entertainment lighting and audio systems;special effects, such as digital water screens; and even piped-in music.Chairman and chief executive officer Amando Zamora—Wopsy to friends— is an innovative entrepreneur who constantly reinvents himself to keep pace with the changing technology.

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