6th Issue • June-August 2008
Mr. 168 - Basilio Tan changes the way Filipinos shop

Asian Dragon's sixth issue is all about unique success stories. We bring you the brains behind the now infamous shopping mall, Divisoria's 168. Basilio Tan shares how he overcame the challenges of turning his bazaar concept into reality. Lydia Castro explains how hard work and dedication allowed her to walk the walk in her Gibi shoes, and Carlos Co shows how he became the country's top hardware honcho, going from tools to steel bars to feeds to prawns.

When you turn 80, you start turning back the hands of time. Vicky Co does this with family love, song, dance, and laughter. For an in-depth look into the oil situation, Petron Corporation's Kamal Al-Yahya answers questions about the supply of oil and unpredictable oil prices.

In other stories, Singapore Airline's GM Clinton Tan talks about the vision behind the iconic Singapore Girl, while Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go asks us: to glutathione or not to glutathione?

Also featured are lifestyle topics that will be sure to interest every man and woman out there: from men's essentials to keep the guys well groomed, to make-up tips and tricks that are sure to be a hit with the ladies! Look better in your clothes with the help of Hope Ngo, who gives advice on the do's and don'ts for specific figures.

Stylish rainy season apparel and accessories modeled by the Filipino-Chinese community's younger generation ensure that the monsoon rain won't dampen anyone's style. Styling isn't only limited to clothes, though, and Asian Dragon's own Marivic Chua shows us how to whip up a sumptuous Hokkien dinner, table setting and all.

Enjoy another round of fabulous interiors, great restaurant reviews, and investment advice, such as putting your money in gold. Asian Dragon brings you all this, and so much more!

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