9th Issue • March-April 2009
Washington Sycip - "Education will save us"

Asian Dragon Magazine's second issue for the year 2009 incorporates the themes of people, preservation, and excitement. Articles on cleaning up the environment, building green houses, fighting for animal rights, and investing in greener opportunities help focus on the delicate topic of our planet, and its struggle to survive. It's our most "earth-friendly" issue yet. In other related stories, Dr. Francis Xavier Dimalanta, a renowned child pediatrician, talks about how the relationship between your child and a pet can be an integral part of development, while Penny Cham, another enthusiastic dog owner, talks about breeding champion Shih Tzus.

Washington Sycip, still young at heart at age 87, is the March-April issue's cover, and the story explores the full life of a man who is destined to be remembered as a hard-working "old timer", whose passion for reforming education makes him as interesting as he is wise.

Edgar Chua, Shell's main man, shows the "green" aspect of an industry that needs to find its conscience. President and chief executive of Phinma Property Holdings Corporation Willy Uy is building affordable homes without harming the fragile land. Herbert Young, one of the great minds behind UCC Coffee, reminisces about the lessons he has learned over the years.

With a full calendar of events also gracing the pages, from ICA and Xavier celebrations to Audi and Lexus showcases, this quarter's issue promises to satisfy the socialite's palette. With several more articles on fashion, beauty tips, and where to eat, drink, and be happy, this issue promises to be one of our best yet.

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